Thermal Performance Program Development
Designed to review thermodynamic fundamentals and describe the essential elements of a thermal performance program.

Power Plant Cycle & Component Evaluation
Designed to teach how to identify and recover lost megawatts throughout the thermal cycle.

Thermal Plant Testing Overview
Designed to provide an introduction and overview to power plant testing.

What You Will Learn:

  • Refresher on basic thermodynamic principles and how they are employed in monitoring plant efficiency.
  • The essential elements of a thermal performance program.
  • How to streamline data to reduce repetition and shorten the time to perform analysis.
  • How to use various tools (everything from references to on-line monitoring software) to implement a thermal performance program.
  • How not to be fooled by instrumentation or plant historian problems.
  • How to effectively interface with Operations, Maintenance and Work Control.
  • The fundamentals of all reporting aspects, from daily generation to industry performance indicators.
  • How to effectively use thermal performance data to aid other programs such as erosion/corrosion, design engineering, projects and environmental licensing.
  • Monitoring of critical performance parameters.
  • Evaluation of the plant to detect lost efficiency on a component-by-component basis as well as on a system-wide basis. This will include practical examples and workshops.
  • Performance testing including ASME PTC-6 testing and CTI cooling tower testing.
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