EP-Plus and TP-Plus Software Training Courses

An informal introductory training session is offered for corporate and site personnel addressing the use and features of the EP-Plus (formerly PV-Plus) and TP-Plus software.

This course is:

  • Typically completed following software installation. However, it is also cost effective to repeat this session when changes in plant staff or responsibilities require renewed familiarization with EP-Plus or TP-Plus and the associated software modules.
  • Conducted as a single day session and can be adjusted during performance to focus on issues of particular interest to course attendees. 
  • Conducted at your corporate offices or develop a dedicated course for presentation at each Station in order to maximize attendance or partial attendance for specific portions of the course. This allows a cost effective way for corporate staff, system engineers, operations staff and the specific program end-users to receive the desired exposure to the software and its capabilities. Training can also be provided at the True North Consulting corporate office located in Montrose, Colorado.
  • Offered as an informal training class and is intended to be a “hands-on” session that will walk users through the use of the various EP-Plus or TP-Plus software modules. Attendees will demonstrate proficiency to the satisfaction of the instructor and or client designee.
  • At the request of the client, can be re-categorized as “formal training” where enabling objectives and learning objectives are identified in addition to meeting other requirements as specified by the client.

The focus of the introductory session is two-phased:

  • Phase 1 - Provide Corporate Programs personnel, System Engineers and Operations staff with information on how to manipulate the database(s) to extract desired system/component performance related information. 
  • Phase 2 - Provide personnel associated with surveillance test data entry, reference value changes, acceptance criteria development and subsequent approval of the entered data with information on how to effectively accomplish these tasks.

The introductory session training prerequisites:

  • Each attendee should have access to a computer, furnished by the client.
  • The provided computers shall have EP-Plus or TP-Plus installed.
  • The client EP-Plus or TP-Plus databases shall be replicated for training purposes to ensure that no training entries or changes affect the live production client databases.
  • The instructor shall have their computer or client designated computer display projected for class observation.

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