Digital Drafting Services

True North Consulting has expanded their services to include Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Drafting Services.

This cost effective service can maximize savings and help you reduce your expenses on office space, technical equipment and professional software.

Experienced professional drafters provide quality mechanical drafting services for all of your design and planning needs.   Our drafters are experts in mechanical drafting and will deliver precise working detailed mechanical drawings based on your ideas, sketches, and specifications.

Our CAD drafting projects include:

  • Assembly drawings
  • Piping and Instrumentation diagrams
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Component design layouts
  • Mechanical parts design drawings
  • Product design schematics
  • Manufacturing diagrams
  • Shop drawings

Your paper drawings can be converted to accurate workable AutoCAD drawings. 

Drawings will be generated utilizing the CAD layer and line type preferences you provide or if you don’t have specific requirements we will propose 

standard requirements to be used consistently throughout your project.

Conversion services include:

  • Raster to vector
  • Paper to CAD
  • Pdf to CAD
  • 2D to 3D conversion


The Turnkey Option is a multi-step process. Our staff engineers provide technical input to ensure our product meets a site’s requirement. This option includes all work required to produce a drawing ready for your Document Control System.

Workflow for Turnkey services begins with a drawing package. This package includes all outstanding change documents and any existing electronic files. Our personnel will prepare the packages using either remote access or on site access.

Workflow includes an initial review of package documents, drafting, technical check, and final approval. During the initial review any outstanding change documents are evaluated and reconciled. If this review produces any issues, the issues will be resolved with the site before continuing.


The On-Demand is either hourly or per drawing. This includes the drafting work and a drafting check. If any issues arise, they will be transmitted to the customer. The On-Demand Option does not include any technical review unless specified.

For more information contact: Jeffrey A. Neyhard (315) 430-7218 or

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